Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Very Happy and Busy Girl

We have been busy, but doing well.  Molly is walking more and more and we are still working on finding her limits.  She starts out almost running with her walker and then slowly looses steam.  She is learning to listen to her body and tells us when she needs to take a little break.  She is extremely excited about walking and asks to walk most places we go.

We watched "Return to Neverland" this weekend, starring Tinkerbell, and Molly asked "can you get me some wings so I can fly....PLEASE mommy?"  Absolutely adorable :).

Howie, our black pug, had surgery on his leg a little over a week ago and had a pin put into his leg.  It was strange going to the vet to see X-Rays of our dog rather than Molly.  We just found out today that the surgery was not successful and he is going to need to have a second operation to try and fix his leg.  

We were planning on taking Molly to the beach last weekend, but a forecast of thunderstorms and high winds forced us to postpone our trip.  Molly hasn't been to the beach yet and I know she will have a ball!!

Molly has started introducing herself as Ariel (from the movie The Little Mermaid) and sometimes will correct you if you refer to her as Molly.  She seems to have become more than a little interested in princesses and tinkerbell.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good, Great and a Little Bad

Molly is doing well and walking more than she ever has before.  We got an Exogen Bone Stimulator for her that we have started using to help heal her Tibias from her last surgery. The bone stimulator sends ultrasonic waves that some feel help with the healing of non-unions.

We had a long week last week and she finally got her Pamidronate on Saturday.  We were hoping that it would work a miracle and that Molly would stop being fussy.  She seems to be feeling better, but not 100%.  My Mom got into town on Friday and that has made a HUGE help to my mental health :).  

Molly's gums were bleeding last week when she was eating so we went to have a check up with her dentist.  Her teeth have worn down quite a bit and it is time to schedule her surgery.  This was news that Jim and I were not ready for and has been a bit challenging to digest.  We have scheduled the surgery for September 17th, but if there is a cancellation it could be a lot sooner.  It is hard to prepare for yet another surgery, especially at a different hospital where I am not as confident that the staff will know how to handle her.  I know I will be sure to educate the staff between now and then.

Molly has been walking for many minutes at a time and today for the first time walked down the ramp (our front stairs), down the driveway and was starting to walk down the street.  We need to be sure that we don't let her overdo it to quickly or she might be sore for quite some time.  We are still giving her Ibuprofen for pain to manage general pain as well as pain she is complaining of in her knees.

I have a lot more to update, but I am too tired to write anymore tonight...