Monday, August 17, 2009

A Nice Visit in Maine, but Broke her Leg Yesterday

We have been in Maine since August 2nd visiting my family and enjoying the weather and fresh air. We have been busy: visiting family, playing at "Mimi and Poppy's", going to the park, visiting a petting zoo, and exploring the coast of Maine via my parents 32+ year old boat :)

Molly has had a blast. We were out yesterday on the boat enjoying a beautiful day exploring a couple of islands. We stopped at one to have lunch, but I wasn't comfortable getting stranded by the tide (in case we needed to get Molly back if she got hurt) so we headed off in search of another nice spot. The criteria for a good spot is very different than the typical so it took us a little while to find something appropriate for her and still fun. We were in the water walking to explore and she slipped and fell and I knew right away that something was cracked/broken. She calmed down relatively quickly and was happy as long as she wasn't moving and nobody was moving/carrying her. We stayed on the beach and looked for pretty rocks and shells for a good 20 minutes while she settled down and it was a good way to keep her distracted. I found a star fish and hermit-crab (my first), which were both perfect distractions. Fortunately, I had remembered her splinting material and was able to splint the leg to get her comfortable before carrying her to the boat and for the ride back to the harbor. We were very close to shore so the ride back was a non-event.

Today has been a long day, but manageable. I was able to put her in the kiddie pool without her splint on, which was a nice discovery. She didn't move much and winced when she did certain things - like trying to splash with both arms made her leg hurt). I am guessing it is a femur fracture based on what she can and can't do. We will wait another few days and see how she is doing before putting her through another x-ray.

We are heading back to NC tomorrow and feeling excited to be back home with Jim (and Howie). We have been here for over 2 weeks and have had such a good time. There is nothing like Maine in August - make the trip if you haven't :). Molly tried lobster for the first time and LOVES it. My Dad has a few lobster traps, so we were able to give it to her a couple of times for "free".

I contacted Montreal regarding Molly's Pamidronate and we are going to go back to give her the infusions every 3 months due to her increased pain and irritability in the past 3 weeks. Here's hoping it makes a difference.

We also ordered Molly her manual wheelchair today that will be size appropriate for school, and are VERY excited for her to get it. I think it will make a big difference in her independent mobility, especially when she has a broken leg.

We fly out tomorrow from Boston and will have to head down first thing in the morning to be sure we are at the airport nice and early. Signing off for the night. Thankfully Molly seems to be sleeping OK with Motrin and a splint (and a room air conditioner - lucky girl).