Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

We woke up to a very happy and excited little girl this morning. She was excited to see that Santa came and brought her the two stuffed animals she asked for and some finger puppets and stocking stuffers.

She has been intoxicatingly happy. She has gotten in to the spirit of both the giving and receiving and went shopping with Jim for my presents and painted a picture on canvas for Jim.

We are heading to Molly's classmate's, Victor's, grandparents for Christmas "dinner" this afternoon, which should be a lot of fun. This is our first Christmas as a family without extended family and it has been a bit of an adjustment.

We went for ice cream last night and then drove to find some fun Christmas lights. We came home to sit by the fire and eat and enjoy being together. While Molly was standing eating her dinner she fell and it seems she might have a new fracture in her Right Tibia (the one with the cast on it). I was able to contact another OI family - that had experienced the same thing - and was assured we could at least wait through the night without an x-ray. She slept well and woke up happy, so either the fracture is very minor or the cast is doing an effective job of splinting it. Either way we are very thankful to not have to spend Christmas in the ER.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Molly's First Cast

We are a bit behind in our posting, but better late than never. After conferring with Molly's ortho in Omaha we decided to try our first cast to see if she could start to weight bear and walk with a cast on (the "walking boot" or black boot was just too heavy for her to be mobile with). She was terrified as we got ready to do it, but did amazingly well once she saw it was basically just wrapping the leg with some material. She was able to get purple and pink striped and they cut a "window" to allow us to use her bone stimulator (that requires skin contact at the fracture site).

She was able to get up on her feet that night and has been getting more and more interested in walking. We have decided that since she is up and mobile that it is reasonable to wait another 2 weeks and allow the fracture to heal enough so that she will be able to stand once the cast is removed. We did get a waterproof cast so that she could start to use a hot tub once we were able to get her one at our new house. We closed on the house on Monday and are now in search of a new or used hot tub that will meet our needs. Other OI parents have recommended that we not get the cast wet unless it is for water therapy (i.e. not in the bath), so bath time is a two person job. One of us in charge of keeping her casted leg (the right one) out of the water while the other does the washing. She has begun to complain off and on of her cast itching, but for the most part has handled it well (as usual).

Today was Molly's last day of school until the new year and we were able to go for most of the day to do family center time. It was great to see her in the classroom and really enjoying herself. They sang us a gingerbread man song (sorry no video) and she really participated in most of it, which is a nice change.

We are spending Christmas at home for the first time this year and hopefully we will create some nice traditions in the coming week. Our tree still needs to be decorated and I am hoping to find some time to bake/decorate some cookies as a family.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to All :)