Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Molly!!!!

Wow!  Molly is 5!!!!! Hard to believe!

We have had a great day.  Molly got a new stove/oven and happily prepared pasta, pancakes and treats for us in her new "restaurant".  I got to go to preschool and have pudding (her choice) with her class.  She is so excited and proud to be 5.  She is focusing more and more on being a "big girl" / grown up. 

It has been a good month, but long.  We went to Maine for Christmas to spend it with my 3 living grandparents as well as my parents.  I am so glad we made the trip.  My Dad's Mom is now in the hospital and it makes me so grateful that we opted to make the trip and spend the time while they are still with us.

Molly enjoyed the snow in Maine and was of course fun and excited on Christmas.  She came down with a bad cold right after Christmas that came with a cough that caused pain in her left femur when she coughed.  That has passed and in the past couple of days she is back up on her feet and walking all around our house :)

We had a great birthday party on Sunday. (a butterfly, tea party, beading party).  We had our first "all girls" birthday and had a blast.  We started off decorating paper butterfly wings, then played a song from the Nutcracker and did a "butterfly dance" (adorable), then we had a tea party with fruit kabobs (inspired by Fancy Nancy), whipped cream and pink lemonade :).  Next everyone got to make their own bead necklace.  Then we played an M&M game, had cake and opened presents.  A wonderful, very girly birthday :)