Monday, September 20, 2010

Molly the dancer

We just uploaded a great video of Molly dancing in her room. It has been a rough year, with fractures happening too often. I hadn't even finished uploading this video, and Molly fell off my chest (laying down) and hurt a rib. A couple days later and she is doing pretty well. She is so tough, that it is hard to really tell she is hurting. Besides her telling us that it still hurts, the only way you would know is that she isn't as patient as she usually would be. (I guess the way the rest of us are with a bad headache)

Molly dancing video

Here are some other random pictures

First day of school:

Fun on the beach in Maine:

Swimming in the pool. Molly has become a great swimmer. She can swim the length of a pool many times over. One of our best forms of exercise.

Sarah set up a new table for Molly to help cook, along with her own knife:

Showing off one of her paintings:
From Molly 2010