Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Getting better, some pictures

Molly is starting to feel better now, although she is still limiting movement of her arm when the splint is off. We had a good weekend, with friends coming through town, and celebrating the 4th.

You can see her self splinting her left arm in the pictures below while we were washing her splint.

Sarah and her Mom made this great arm sling for Molly to use in the hot tub. They couldn't find neoprene in the stores, so they bought a neoprene laptop case instead!
This has been really great for allowing Molly to swim while her arm is still healing.

And here is an example of the primary arm sling we use. Another OI Mom gave us one for the right arm, and Sarah's Mom then copied it to make this one for the left arm.

We had the two week follow up xray this week, and in this one you can really see how bad this fracture was. Molly is a really tough kid, and this fracture was clearly much harder on her than some previous ones. The fracture is starting to heal well though.