Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arm fracture again

Molly hurt her left arm again today while playing at a friends house. Sarah was able to hear the fracture when it happened, which was very upsetting.

It was unfortunate because we had switched cars the day before, and I (Jim) forgot to switch the splints/medicine/slings back into the minivan before I went to work. Sarah was able to get Molly into the car, and I met her at the Dr's office for xrays.

Much to our surprise, the fracture in St. Louis 3 weeks ago was a much bigger fracture than we had realized. Molly is such a tough kiddo that she just fought right through it. So in the xrays there is a three week old fracture at the top of the left humerus, and the new fractures more down towards the middle.

Molly is clearly trying to cope with the pain right now, but the Dr thinks she should start feeling a bit better in a couple days.

Here are the fractures: