Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Surgery (Left Arm) in Omaha

Molly has been doing amazingly well.  She has been walking a lot and even walked the 1/3 mile home from school last week.  We were home Friday night and she fell and broke her left humerus (upper arm).  It is a complete break and very painful.  We went to urgent care that night for X-rays and a new splint.  Dr. Esposito spoke with us on Sunday and was able to fit us in his schedule for today.

She is now back in surgery getting a rod into her arm and repositioning one of her femur rods that was starting to migrate up into her buttock.  We are hoping this will be a fast surgery and we should be able to see her in another hour or two.  The plan is to stay the night at the hospital and then go back to the Rainbow House (like Ronald McDonald house) tomorrow night.  We will be flying home on Saturday, which I think will make this our fastest turn-around to date.

If you want to send her something she LOVES getting pictures.  If you see something she might like and take a picture and email it she would love it.  She would also LOVE a picture that you or one of your kids draw.  Either would be a wonderful distraction.  Thanks in advance.

We will keep you posted.

UPDATE:  Molly is out of surgery and in the recovery room.  Everything went as planned, and we are just waiting to go up and see her now.

Update:  We are now up in a room and Molly has been napping on and off this afternoon.  She is hurting a little and tired, but doing amazingly well under the circumstances.  She had some soup and a popsicle, which is a good sign.  So much better than recovery from leg surgeries in the past.

Update: Molly has been eating, talking, standing a little bit (to and from the bathroom) and even went to the playroom this afternoon.  She has been drawing up a storm and doing some amazing pictures (will try to post later).  So happy she is doing so well.  She has been napping off and is resting peacefully right now :).  Thanks to all that sent messages, videos and pictures.  It really helps to have some messages from outside our "hospital bubble" to remember people and life outside of the hospital room.  We should be out of the hospital before lunch given how well she is doing now :)  Here's hoping we all get some rest tonight.