Monday, January 13, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig :)

We made it home!!  We had an extremely long travel day yesterday and are just so grateful to be home.  We boarded a plane yesterday morning in Omaha and sat at the gate for an hour before they finally cancelled the flight due to mechanical problems.  We scrambled to find another flight home and thankfully found one through Chicago.  Poor Molly is still in so much pain from her surgery and the travel really didn't help things.  We had a 5 hour lay-over in Chicago and touched down here in Raleigh around 11:30 pm.   We were in the car driving home when the clock struck midnight and we sang her "happy birthday". Such a strange night.  Paul was wide awake and was playing with his toys at 1:00 am this morning before we got him down for bed.

Today is Molly's birthday!!!  We did our very best to make it a good day for her.  She has tried her very best to keep her spirits up, but it has been hard at times.  She is understandably frustrated by her lack of independence and it is hard missing out on school.  It was heart-breaking to hear her mourn the fact that her friends were all running and playing and she was hurting and not able to do anything.

She has some wonderful friends that stopped by for a visit and really raised her spirits and helped for a little while.  Thanks to the world of technology she was also able to FaceTime with her class today, which she LOVED!!!  It is so hard seeing her go through so much in the hospital and then to see the emotional toll can be agonizing.

I know that in a few short months this will all be a distant memory, but at the moment we are exhausted and looking forward to getting her past this rough patch.

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