Thursday, March 13, 2014

Post I typed up in January and never managed to finish:

We have been "snowed in" all week here in Raleigh.  They cancelled school (not that Molly has been going) from Tuesday- Friday.  We got 2-3" on Tuesday night.  It was a beautiful white wonderland on Wednesday.

Molly was excited to get out and play in the snow on Wednesday morning.  It was hard to figure out how to best let her enjoy the snow.  She tried her best to psych herself up that laying in a sled running her hands through the snow was fun, but I could tell it was one of those times that she wished things were different.  I am thankful that those moments are few and far between, but as a parent it is hard to watch knowing that there is nothing that we can do to make it easier/better.  She takes challenges one at a time and is usually able to overcome the frustration.

I know that the combination of recovering from surgery (with almost no physical independence at the moment) coupled with the reality of what her peers were doing at the same moment was a lot to accept.

We did find a sled that worked with her splint and she decided the experience was worth the pain that would come later in the day from pushing her body beyond its limits (given her recent surgery).  The four of us got to take a walk down the street and enjoy the snow covered trees and white all around us.

Since that morning she has had quite a bit of pain and has not been up to leaving the house at all.  Needless to say we have all been suffering from cabin-fever.

It is so hard to see her in so much pain and not know how to make it better.  I was really hoping that by this point in her recovery that she would be feeling a lot better than she is.

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