Friday, March 14, 2014

Surgery is underway

Sarah just called me to say that they have rolled Molly back for Surgery.

Dr E will be adding a wire wrap on the upper right femur to add support. In addition, he will be doing a fluoroscope of the  left leg to make sure everything is in the correct place from the big surgery in January.

[Update: 2:25pm EST] Left leg looks fine.  Going ahead on surgery on right leg now.  This should be a more minor surgery than some of our previous big ones.

[Update: 3:45pm EST] Sarah called with an update that the surgery is almost finished.  Things going well so far.

[Update: 4:15pm EST] Sarah just talked to Dr. E.  The surgery went well, and he thinks the recovery should go well too.

The left femur rod is almost backed all the way out, but he didn't want to go in and mess with it right now.  He thought it was in far enough to leave it so she can have the easier recovery.  The right femur was slightly different than he had faced before, with the current femur rod being in slightly different place than he is used to.

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